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223 days ago gemlog/2022-02-22 Risk and Sexual Ethics.gmi
229 days ago gemlog/2022-02-16 More Thoughts on Risk.gmi
231 days ago gemlog/2022-02-09 A Little Shameless Crowing Over Facebook's Nosedive.gmi
231 days ago gemlog/2022-02-14 All Publishing Is Venture Capitalism.gmi
243 days ago gemlog/2022-02-02 Commercium Admirabile.gmi
249 days ago gemlog/2022-01-27 Another Way AI Screws over Creatives and How Creatives Can Survive It.gmi
251 days ago gemlog/2022-01-24 How to Get Noticed without Participating in Algorithmic Exploitation.gmi
251 days ago gemlog/2022-01-19 The Indie Author’s Bad Bargain with Ad Algorithms Part 2.gmi
257 days ago gemlog/2022-01-18 The Indie Author’s Bad Bargain with Ad Algorithms Part 1.gmi
259 days ago gemlog/2022-01-17 Paying for Creation ex Nihilo Part 2.gmi
262 days ago gemlog/2022-01-14 Paying for Creation ex Nihilo Part 1.gmi
263 days ago gemlog/2022-01-12 Free on the Internet, Continued.gmi
265 days ago gemlog/2022-01-11 What Free Actually Means on the Web.gmi
281 days ago gemlog/2021-12-26 Learning Righteous Wrath from Shoshana Zuboff.gmi
282 days ago gemlog/2021-12-24 Jaron Lanier Cyber Philosopher of Choice.gmi
283 days ago gemlog/2021-12-23 Waking up to the Web Part Two.gmi
285 days ago gemlog/2021-12-22 Waking Up to the Web Part One.gmi
285 days ago gemlog/2021-12-22 A Theologian Ventures Into Economics.gmi
286 days ago gemlog/2021-12-15 Allow me to introduce myself.gmi
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